Let the baking begin!

Thank God it’s Friday!

Chip is sitting on my lap driving me crazy with constant mumblings how Chip wants to type on the new blog. With constant “Mammaaaaa Mammmaaaa” to the extent of tears forming in his eyes and “mamma” rants getting shirker, I think its time i leave vvvvvgn   b mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Hello meet Chip. He’s taken over for now!

Welcome to our blog!

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One Response to Let the baking begin!

  1. SAS says:

    Hey Cookie!! Love the name of the blog and the one line description! To be honest I never got why people write blogs but reading yours makes me think that it’s a way of expression. Going good babes. Loved the second one. I swear, all these modern day cyber distractions make it all the more difficult to concentrate. I feel yo dilemma my friend! Keep Calm and Continue Blogging! :*

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