Distracted Saturday

This weekend I finally decided it’s time I stop procrastinating my assignments and finally get them done. I turned on my laptop and stared at the first paragraph I had written (two months ago!), only to feel lost.Staring. Staring.

*Sigh* let’s see what people are up to on face-book. Get a grip Cookie! CONCENTRATE! OoooooOOooo



BLAH yesterdays news feeds.

Lets get to that assignment again. Stare.

“Executive Summary”. Hmmm, have to write APA style, let me search what comes next.

Wow I like that shirt on Pinterest.

That hairstyle.

That bag.

Oh how I wish I could get my hands on all that.

Damn it Cookie. Assignment!

*Staring* God i don’t even remember what the case problem was. Let me read it again.

*Vibrate, Vibrate*. Oh look the sisters are Watsapping.

*Glance* oh this will just take a minute.

#one hour later#


In the previous year XYZ Corporation ……………..

*yaawwwwn* I’m tired, need tea!

Sipping tea, munching on jam filled cookies, Chip stuffing mouth fulls of marshmallows, chips and waffers all at once and trying to say “kdhsjfhs” Translation. JUICE. He wants more sugar!

“EXECUTIVE SUMMARY” stare. stare. staaaaare.

I better write a new post. Maybe someone will read today.

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