C is for Cookie!

What a way to start the week, RAIN! love love love the weather. šŸ˜€ But what got me happier was I finally got my first comment on my blog! *woot woot*

BUT, it also mentioned how s/he never got why people blog. Well here’s why I started blogging.

I LOVE to talk. Meaning if no ones around I’m just talking to myself. When I was having Chip I would talk to him too. Seriously. I’d even yell at him. “Stop kicking me dude”, or “move away from my bladder or else daddy’s gonna shift me to the bathroom.”

“When you’ll be in my arms I’ll kiss you and huuug you and loooove you and …….”

So now dear Chip is taking out the weapons of revenge. This is what I think is going on his head;

“When I was sleeping, you’d go to the cinemas and watch loud movies eh.

Revenge One: Cry every time we enter a movie theater.

Result: I haven’t been to a movie theater in two years.

Revenge Two: You talked to me when I was sleeping eh? You like talking eh?

Result: Chip started talking when he turned 10 months. He is a parrot. If he’s not talking he will walk around aimlessly going dee daa dee daa laa laa lee lee loo loo nanananaan, creating his own song. When that’s done he will talk to his toys. Then talk to himself about how I had done something yesterday.

” Mom gave me timeout,mom said she’ll give me a lollipop,mom gave me 7-up and told me not to tell dad…..”

Chip. PLEASE! Five minutes. Quiet. PLEASE. lalala leeeelooo leeee misca mousca mickey MOUSE!Ā *mission accomplished*

So now he goes to school, and a mother comes up and says, “your son speaks so clearly. He’s just like you” *shocked face* WOMAN you haven’t seen me speak! I barely know you!!


Yes so I love to talk. So when I shifted here the poor Mr. would listen to my babblings and respond. Soon after responses become nods and then nods turned to stares on his iphone.

“Four years and she still has something to tell!”

Also I don’t have many friends since I shifted. Old ones are busy, new ones don’t get me or like me, or vice versa. So when I did meet people to talk these were our conversations:

1. So did you check out that lawn exhibition?

Reply: Yeah was nice but I didn’t like them so much (stopped here)

Oh you’re such an idiot no sense in taste…yaada yaadaa and did you see his and there….. nod nod nod.

2. Which school is he going to?

Reply: School A and I really like it cos (stopped here)

“Oh my goodness you ruined his future I send my kids to COOL school and he does this and this and us moms have this weekly thing…..”

What I am thinking ” Yes I am a loser, my sons going to be a loser. You are cool, your kids are cool. I will present you with the reward of never socializing with me again!” Win win solution šŸ˜€

Four years later me with my mom (visiting from home) at a lunch:

Talking talking talking… look mom shes wearing Sana Safinaz, and that brown one there is carrying a Bottega. Do I look OK? Look at Chip no manners. Damn it why didn’t I register him when I was 8 months to that COOL school.

*Mom with lost face* Beta, I was asking you about which hospital to get my surgery done at. *shameful face*

So I thought since the Mr. suffered enough, people here don’t, can’t, won’t listen to me (and ruining me) so lets bug the millions of people on the cyberworld!

Too late to run, you’ve been baked!

*Noooo don’t shut the screen*


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One Response to C is for Cookie!

  1. MYj says:

    Hey there cooki! Haha im glad to be baked šŸ™‚ reading your blog is a bliss as it feels like we r not alone going thro the same things! Ufff lawnss :p

    Continue ritong cuz it gives somethin fwd to look for in busy day of boring routines.

    Love ure one liner n ofcourse the blog :*

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