Food for thought

Fun Foodie Friday y’all!

So missed me? I know you did, cos I actually got a message asking where my posts went! *hot dog dance*

Well this week was filled with lots of food, friends and poor Chip getting sick. Hence my absence. Thing is when Chip gets sick all he wants is his mommy and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So every time I came near the laptop he wanted to see Mickey Mouse on the laptop too. That ain’t happening. This is MY happy place! šŸ˜€

So I ate out a lot this week and what surprised me was myself. How I saw people and thought. Food can do miracles. It can soothe a broken heart,(a bucket of ice cream can become your best friend) can add to someones joy (cakes and cupcakes are always welcome at my party), but best, it makes you meet people and see people in a totally different way (a cup of coffee and a sip of tea can make you meet your BFF). And that’s what happened with me.

When I was eating out I thought for this post I am going to write about all the wonderful meals i enjoyed and mention my favorite places etc. since some readers wished this was a more “informative” blog. Sorry fellow cookies, maybe the next blog.

OK, back to my week. My first outing was a breakfast. I for sure now know I am not a morning person. I am fine when I am having the meal and out, but poor Chip has to deal with Mamma Hulk through out the day.

“Mommy can you give me a bath?”

ROOAAARRR! : What I’m feeling; “oh Chip why today I can’t handle all the bother of washing you, sploshing, splashing getting wet that looks like I took a shower with you too!” What I really say; “Sure thing honey, baths are wonderful!”

“Mommy can we watch Baby Tv?”

ROOOOAAAAAARRRR: What I’m feeling; “Baby chef baby chef oh what fun for everyone…. AH NO Mr. Chef not fun for me especially when my heads going BOOM BOOM BOOM. And what’s with the mime kettle. Gives me the creeps.” What I really say, ” Let’s go darling, learning is so much fun!”

In short I think this is what a hangover must feel like. We need to have stronger coffees for breakfast here. Cos Mamma Hulk calms down after her evening cup of strong tea mixed with a teaspoon of coffee, (try it sometime, trust me we all need caffeine).

So this first breakfast of the week was fun because I got to hang out with my cousin and was fun catching up with her. We did meet but the one on one talks were actually refreshing. Made me miss good old summer vacations (cos that’s the only time I got to meet them). It also reminded me that family will be family no matter what. Felt heart warming, cos I really miss my family a lot.

Second breakfast, ( poor Chip had two days of Mamma Hulk) was with the mothers from Chips class. It has been sometime since Chip started school, but I never actually got to know the mums or hang out with them. In my mind they were the raisin cookies in my jar that look like chocolate chip but they are actually deceiving. I was wrong. They were not raisins but a bunch of M&M cookies. Each different and colorful in their own way. It’s amazing how one small gesture changes ones vision. One small invitation made me feel welcome, the welcome I’ve been craving for. I am finally getting to know them and actually enjoying it. Our conversations are not like the ones I mentioned in my previous post and after all these years, I can see myself as having friends. I wonder how they saw me? Maybe as the nutty cookie?

Then it was family night with Mr. and Chip which was relaxing. Makes me happy to see “my family”. Feels weird. Feels mature :s

One thing I hate is how I feel I ruined Chips childhood. I am paranoid. Every time we used to go to play area all I could see were germs. I could see kids sneezing and steering the wheel with those same hands, I could see them coughing on the rides, I could smell the smelly socks in the play area. I wanted to give Chip a shower in Purell or wrap him up in cling and let him play. So now every time we visit the play area he doesn’t sit on a single ride. ZILCH. NADA. ZERO. Only adores the colors and sounds. Stands and admires. The only toddler happy to just “see” the rides. Yet, every visit to the mall it’s the same cries. ” I wanna ride the horse, I wanna go on the swings.” Hopeful in our hearts we go, returning with only sadness that I stole away my Chips childhood! šŸ˜„

I need a shrink! But for now let me grab a Twix bar. šŸ˜‰

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One Response to Food for thought

  1. MYj says:

    Glad to have u bak! Im so happy to hear the cookie is making new biscuit buddies :p
    N dont stress bout chip

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