Shopping, Rides, Movies!

Let the fun begin!

OH what a way to start the weekend. My cutest Chip, my wallet and lots and lots of fun! This weekend I decided its going to be all about Chip. Since Chip is more active and curious now, I feel he needs more outings. More things to be curious about. So every week I plan on activities that he will enjoy. And today was day one of fun fun fun!

First we took a long bath. Chip loves playing in the bath tub with his glass and buckets. I think it’s a fun activity as it helps him understand measurements of full and empty, along with learning how to pour, improving his motor skills. I wanted to make some bath paints but that shall be a project for sometime later.

Then we did my favorite thing, (and soon to be Chips), go shopping. I had seen these cute electric blue plazzos, that would look stunning with a white tank on a hot summer day. Then since summers on the way I decided its time Chip got some new Tees. When we go shopping I always ask for Chips advice. Questions like;

How does this color look on Mommy? What’s this color called? Whats this on my shirt?

Just to have him see the colors, and objects he learns at school be implemented in his surroundings.

I ask his opinion about how it looks to show him his opinion matters, that he can freely express himself, and I can understand and respect his opinion.Psychologically don’t know if that’s right but it’s something I do.

Also i saw the darnest Jelly Crocs in bright pink which would be the prefect shoes for a summer trip to the beaches. Sigh. Maybe next time. They didn’t have the lime green ones. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ



Chip picked his own Tee too. I love how he always chooses bright colors.


Chips new Tee

After my last post about Chip not sitting on rides I decided to do some searching online, and read that I should slowly help him overcome his fear. Since I was alone, I thought this is the best opportunity, also the play area will be slightly empty than usual.


I held him in my arms and asked him to simply play with the wheel while I hold him. And I wouldn’t swipe the card so no music or movements. Just wanted him to be comfortable. After a bit I said my arms are hurting maybe if he could just stand inside the car and I can hold him from his back. After a while he forgot if I was holding him or not and he wheeled and wheeled and wheeled!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I had tears in my eyes! My baby was finally playing!

Then he had tears in his eyes cos he didn’t want to get off. ๐Ÿ˜›

In all that happiness, he was rewarded with a Cinnibon! ๐Ÿ˜€

Later at night I thought since I haven’t been to the movies, I should at least get him to see some cartons in a similar environment. So we microwaved some popcorn, filled our glasses with juice and went up to the big TV room and watched Wreck It Raulph.


My Favorite Popcorn!

My sweet sweet dreamland! That was the cutest, yummiest movie I have seen. Cupcakes, lollipops, candies, marshmallows…. was adorable! Chip was drooling and dancing throughout the movie. Very appropriate for his age, and another fear overcome!

Exhausted as we were he fell asleep right away. And so did I. Hence the post being put up today


Can hardly see Chip! Can you spot him?



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One Response to Shopping, Rides, Movies!

  1. AD says:

    love the crocs!! gap has some for kids right now in bright colors also

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