Soapy Sunday

Weekends end so fast! I think since my childhood I’ve felt weekends take the longest time to come and when they do they pass by super fast. So what did we do on our second day of fun? We made soap mud!!

I have been addicted to Pinterest since sometime now, usually pinning baking recipes, hairstyles and of course fashion! But with the summer holidays coming soon, (and as I started to notice during spring break Chips cranky attitude was due to which I feel boredom)I started searching some activities related to topics being used at his school. This week they are doing the five senses.

At school I was informed that they used smelling sensory bottles as one of their activities. So on my trip to the grocery store last week Chip was very keen on smelling the shampoo bottles I was checking out. So this week they were using “touch” to understand textures such as rough and smooth etc. I thought the soap mud was an excellent activity!

First we ripped toilet tissue into bits of small and tiny pieces, which is Chips favorite thing to do and was happy that Mommy wasn’t scolding for the tissue rain.


Then we grated some soap and Chip was excited to see how it was as he said “snowing”. I allowed him to do it himself but felt it was kind of dangerous so asked him to keep his hand on mine just so that he could understand the movements of up and down.



Later we threw the soap shreds into the tub and added water. This was the hard part since Chip wanted to fill the entire bucket, whereas we just needed enough water to get the mud like consistency. My hands got all soapy later on so wasn’t able to take pictures of the final result, but let me tell you this was the safest mud for any paranoid mom. Chip was more excited since we also ended up making bubbles!!


Overall, it was a fun project, but I would advise that you use a rather different container since this wasn’t as fun as much as a square tub would feel. Also Chip got all excited and started splishing splashing everywhere so I was happy that I played it safe and held this activity in the bathroom (would prefer outdoors but he was up for a bath and was super super sunny outside).

 I kept asking Chip what happened to the soap after we added water in. I had him feel the tissues before and asked the texture then later asked if he could feel the tissue and what it felt like. We also smelled the soap before throwing it in.  He kept making faces at the mushy gooey feeling but kept having fun seeing bubbles form every time he rubbed his hands.  But next time I would make a larger batch. This time I only used half a bar and half a tissue roll. And this is definite summer activity I will do again OUTDOORS.

Below is the link from where I got the activity. There are some activities I shall try soon.


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2 Responses to Soapy Sunday

  1. MYj says:

    Looks like super fun cant wait for my baby to b old enough to carry out such activities. Fun mamma!

  2. AD says:

    gotta love pinterest!! cant wait for my lil guys 1st bday to try out some of the things i saw on there as well

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