A new day.


Sorry for the disappearance. One thing that I learned recently is, change is hard. Very hard. Especially when it means losing someone special. It took us days to try getting back to our normal routine after the tragedy and we were trying our best to move on in the most healthy manner as possible. It was hard, but some people along the way really helped.

For one was my family. After our loss we each are trying to take sometime out of our busy lives, (which now I feel are busy in the most unnecessary things) and catch up with each other. One person especially helping me is my Mother. We talk more often now. And I am loving it! Although it saddens me that I hadn’t given her much time before. But lessons learned.

Next were the school moms. I am in awe with their compassion and in sheer grief I didn’t get to know them earlier. I was hasty with my judgment which I had concluded based on a few “chat” moms.

Its not chat as in speaking its CHAT as in the Pakistani snack. I call them chat moms cos they are full of spice and ruin your health at the end of the day 😛 The ones that love to gossip, backbite and flaunt. But no, these moms are a bunch of sugar cookies, the jalebis. Sweet and soft. And you can tell by the compassion and gestures they have showed me recently. :’)

Anyhoo. This week was overall depressing due to many circumstances that happened in our city. So to keep myself busy and distracted I thought its time I get back to blogging and more attention to Chip and studies. Deadline for assignments 31st May. Follow me freak out this month!!

So let us keep on moving. For this is life.

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