Error. Error. At last!


As desperate as I was to blog and share my very patriotic, emotional, roller coaster of a week the more my technological devices were keeping me behind schedule. I simply could not either log on to the website, or my post would not be published! Alas, I can reach out to you all!

So, we had election week here last week which was the best experience of my life EVER. Never have I been prouder of my country, especially my city and the people of this country! I salute you all! Yes, I finally got to vote 😀



Along the way I met very special people and shared a special patriotic bond. Weird thing about my life is the fact that the people I can relate most to, I have never or barely met. We are as olden days would’ve called “pen pals”, I’ll just call them “ipals”, since our only contact is through Watsapp and such!

But for every heart break, every craving for food or shopping, every patriotic nuisance, I turn to them. My ipals are helping me a lot more in growing to be the person I need to become.

So I had this whole patriotic week going with lots of rallies and chants and my God I have never watched the news with so much interest than I did this time. All in this mess, my studies got distracted and I ended up with a horrible grade. 😥

To cheer up I was treated to a sweet tooth treat. Cupcakes and icy cold coffee.


It was temporary relief. But now I have to concentrate on my studies harder than before,but since the blog was on my mind continuously I thought I had to stop by.

I owe you all an activity blog and I hardly get to mention Chip 😦

Promise. Next blog is all about Chip!

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