Chips Weekend

Boy Oh Boy its hot!

Since it is so hot Chip has been irritated by his hair and his head is always wet from sweat as if he just came out of the shower! So much so our potty training took a toll for the worst when kiddo was sweating so much he wouldn’t go to the loo for hours!


So we got Chip a haircut. At home! One of the luxuries we get for living where we do.

Cut cut cut

He did Chip’s first ever haircut and the only person I trust to do Chips hair till now. So comfort level is wonderful and no dramatic tantrums to go through. YAAY.

Since then I’ve noticed Chip does need to run to the loo more often now, pheeew.

After the cut a shower was must, and I thought Chip should have some bath paints! I had been dying to try this out cos looked so easy and fun. I did mess up with the ratios and ended up with a runnier paint but all was fixed with another burst of baby powder.

*Also I used Americolor food gels and tested a small part on the tub and made sure no colors were left behind. I don’t know how the local food colors will react so please try on a small part before handing it over to the kids.*

Four things you will need. Baby powder, no tear shampoo, food colors, a pan to make paints
Nice bright colors.


Next time I will ask Chip to mix two colors to find out what color comes out! 😀


Then since it was super hot, for dinner we had simple pasta and made a yummy peach cooler. Its tasty and sort of healthy! You know since I am adding real peaches and all.



  • 4 peaches or more for a stronger peach taste (I had only for at hand)
  • 4-5 glasses of water
  • Half packet of Orange Tang (One packet makes one jug but since we will add peaches, half or less of the packet depending on taste is better)
  • Sugar if you like it sweeter, or honey for a healthier option
  • Tons of ice

#Blend it all together and enjoy! Was the most refreshing part of the day!!#

Exhausted after studying, cooking, and searching for Chips profession day costume, I think it’s time to snooze off.

More fun soon. I am guessing a blog on fashion?

Lemme know what you think!



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