Ho Hum Sigh

I don’t know why I am feeling the way I am but I am feeling it.

LAZY. GARFIELD LAZY. Meaning all I wanna do is turn on the air conditioner and stay in bed. Instead each day feels like a Monday repeating itself.

Now I am feeling exhausted. See this is what happens to me each day.

I wake up lazy and a few minutes later I am exhausted. And Chip is addicted to the i-techs. One thing I plan on doing this summer is hiding all techno gizmos. Fun should be old style. Technoless.

Recently he’s been a bit irritated regarding our room and lack of his space in it ( as he still doesn’t have a room of his own as yet). Since schools coming to an end I thought I should make a small corner for him where he can play, and I can carry out some educational activities with him during the summer. You know, so he doesn’t go all blank when the next year starts. Here’s what we did!

Choosing a book for bedtime!

Since then he’s been more keen on playing in “his area” and less focused on his gadgets. We had some fun in our corner. We did some puzzles, made straight lines, random doodling, with him narrating what he’s drawing.

Mamma look making straight line.
Mamma BIIIIG circle. Whispers “small” circle.

Few days back when the weather was good we decided on some summer day activity. Chalk!!

refused to sit on the floor.

Since I am on lazy mode these activities needed my minimal supervision so was relaxing for me.

What are you and your toddlers up to this summer?

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