What a Week!

*I dedicate this post to a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Becky Mojalid, from Manarat School. We lost her to cancer two days back. A wonderful teacher, a soulful human being, and a great mother to all her students. We will always have her in our hearts. May she be granted the highest ranks in Paradise. Ameen.*


Last week was such an emotional roller coaster! With deadlines to hand in essays, along with emotional thoughts of Chips school ending, and unhappy with the new school atmosphere, I was a woman with confused reactions.

I was all teary eyed on the last day of Chips school. I loved the teacher, and how she cared for Chip and how he was attached to her. I tired telling him that we won’t be seeing her next year he’d simply yell “NO! I WANT MS. Z ONLY!”

My heart would shatter even more. After visiting his new campus I asked;

“Chip did you like your new school?”

YES! 😀

And did you like new Ms.?

“NO! Ms.Z will come to the new school!” *heart shattered*

And with all the workload and stress regarding time constraints, I was unable to do anything special for the last day. I had pinned so many ideas for teachers gifts and cookie tutorials, alas I only went with tears in my eyes, and came back with a heartbroken son.

Worst was when we went to the new classroom he’d point at the pink stairs or matching cards and say “Mamma, this is Ms.Z’s and this is hers and this too…..”


Sigh, what worries me most is new classmates. He adores each and every classmate of his. Getting him used to his class again is going to be so hard.

A few memories I will cherish forever. If you have something so wonderful for your sons FIRST moment, it will always be remembered.

I am so grateful for such a wonderful teacher, and the adorable munchkins my kid enjoyed with.


Chip, baby M and baby H, from school at the park


Profession Day at school. Builder Chip


Kiddos yelling “we love you Ms. Z” for us moms to only realize they yelling outside someone elses class!!!!


Germofobe Chip refusing to touch the grass to stand, and asking baby H to help him up. But baby H couldn’t stop giggling! ❤

Along the way Chip learned a lot, but on his journey I learned very valuable lessons too. I hope in the future I will remember them so I don’t repeat the mistakes I made this time. My new rule of thumb for the new city; “Never judge a book by its cover.”





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