Fun Food and more Fun!

Hello there!

Boy was our trip to Jakarta long! PHEW! Already fretting about the trip back! :S

Was so exhausted when we landed was irritated by everything, in particular the lack of good tasting food and especially desserts! And boy to people here speak fast. I give lost stares most of the time. Haha.

For my trip this time, I wanted to make sure I enjoyed to the max, while looking super cute :P. My biggest critic, my eldest sister, and my biggest support my twin sister have been my audience to show off that I can look good even with a two year toddler. Kids are no reason to look like your a mess…

I wish I was more confident to put up pictures of myself, but maybe sometime in the future.

So for my trip I packed my much pending reading. For the flight, I chose Moth Smoke, a novel by a Pakistani writer, also now more famous due to the movie The Reluctant Fundamentalist (based on a novel), Mohsin Hamid. I wanted to read one of his books just to get an idea of his writing style, and many suggested this one. So far so good.


Next, I have is Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. Also suggested by a friend. Only reason I am pending it is due to its digital form. I like to HOLD books, FEEL each page. You know get a connection. Also reading for so long on iPads/Kindles strains my eyes.

For Chip I packed a few books too. Want him to have the habit as well. Also threw in some coloring pens and coloring books to let him enjoy on the plane. Through out the trip I am trying to keep his fun and education hand in hand. Asking colors, textures, shapes as such.


Really like the mickey mouse one, since it is about summer vacation and something we can discuss on our trip.

Had an exhausting fun day today, and I think its time I call it a day , OH!!

I am in love with a pair of sunglasses I can’t wait to own, and my new wish is to own a pair of these shoes!!! Any guesses where I was shopping??



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