Lost and Found

Hello all!

Remember me?

I know its been long I was away but honestly, there was no reason except that I was finally “home” and wanted to enjoy each and every moment back. Alas, my journey ended and I have returned to life. Nonetheless, Chip has been really helpful keeping me busy and distracting me from being homesick.

Busy = him hitting his head on a glass table and us running into emergency

Distracting = thinking about ways to keep his buttock seated to avoid anymore injuries (and me fainting at the sight of blood)

Parts of growing up. Scars to remind us who we were as kids.

Soooo…. what happened over the summers and back? Here’s a summary;

*Jakarta/Bali: Sea, Sun and tons of fun


Going for a swim

*Home: Fun time with Mom, Dad,Bro, Sis, new niece Baby L (wanna gobble up that munchkin), and of course my first son, so to say Boy R.

*Dubai: Shopping, food, Shopping, desserts and oh ya SHOPPING! 😀


Ferrari. Cos boys will be boys




For the love of cupcakes and all things PINK!

Now back home with Chip starting school, (same school, new building) it has been quite a handful of a start. First of all no teacher is qualified enough compared to Ms. Z (oh how I miss thee).

Chip still talks about her. Breaks my heart.

So adjusting to the new building was and still is an emotional strain for us right now. But hopefully Chip will learn lots of new things, while both of us learn and grow, each helping one another in their own way. 🙂



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