Me, Myself and I


As my return to blogging and a more organized mind set I decided to organize my posts to certain days for certain topics. For example, Wednesdays will now be Wisdom Wednesdays. On this day I will share a quote, a book or an app I feel I found helpful for Chip or myself. ( This blog can’t be all about him now can it πŸ˜‰ )

Well for this month Chips class theme is “MYSELF”. I am adoring this theme since Chip is being taught how to appreciate himself as a human, be able to talk about his body parts, eyes, nose, lips, etc, but most importantly be able to talk about what he likes best about himself.

I wish I had something like that growing up. At this stage it might seem like he’s simply learning his body parts, but I feel he is learning something deeper. They are teaching him to be confident and proud for being the way he is.

At least he won’t be all over the place like meΒ  someone I know.

*Oh, I wanna be a journalist. No a photographer. WAIT. PHOTOJOURNALISM. But I love baking. I love cookies, I wanna be a baker. No I want to OWN a bakery! GIRL GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF*

So ya when Chip asked mom what do you like about yourself, I had no reply. Ever felt that way?

Anyhoo… so we found this really adorable book which Chip loves reading every night and I love it too cos its quirky and cute and rhymes so well. PLUS at the end it has a mirror where you can stare at yourself and see what you like most about yourself! Chip likes his nose πŸ˜›

Also, one of the lessons in the book was that no one person is same. Each individual is special in their own way, and this is one important lesson I believe every child should learn. Be confident about yourself, don’t judge others, and respect and love everyone just the way they are. πŸ˜‰


Low lighting = BAD picture. “What I like about ME!”


mirror mirror in the book. let me have a quick little look!

So what is it you like most about yourself?

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