Family Night Out

Oh food lovers, I dedicate tempting Thursdays to you.

Mr and I love trying new restaurants/cafes as soon as they open. In fact even when planning our trips we search which restaurants are closest to our hotel and plan accordingly.

I am all for different cuisines and tempted by daring dishes, whereas Mr plays it a bit safe, sticking only to cuisines he knows. And if its a dessert place then you will find us standing outside with a spoon and a sweet tooth ready! And we take Chip along, ALWAYS.

One reason Chip tags along is because this is how he’ll learn that family time is important. Its our special day. We might take him on swings, rides, his favorite burger place, but wherever we go he shall join. Moreover, I feel this is one way he can learn manners in public, at the same time value our company. I still remember looking forward to nights out with my family, in fact I still crave them.

Well for a tempting treat today I baked my all time favorite cookies!

Double chocolate chunk cookies or as it said online, brownie cookies. I add dark chocolate chunks to make them more gooey and fudgy! Slurp!

What you will need.


Decadent cookies with ice cold coffee. Of course a cold glass of milk for Chip 🙂

They are perfect every time, fast to make and oh so chocolaty!! You must must must MUST make these!

You can get the recipe from here.

Feel free to make your own variations. Do let me know how they turn out.

P.S. Hang in there, weekends just around the corner 😀


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