Friday, Saturday oh boy Sunday!

I know, I know! I missed my much awaited Fashion Friday!

Fridays all going to be about fashion for kiddos, mommies with minimal time to get and ready yet look stunning! šŸ˜‰

So since I missed Friday, lets make it up for it today.

On my trip to Jakarta, I wanted to enjoy as much as possible while looking smart. With a toddler I found the best accessory and my new “must have” in my wardrobe is a blazer! You are in a rush to go out, wear a tank, jeans put on a smart blazer a scarf around the neck if its a bit breezy, you will look ready as ever in no time!


Top: Gift from my sister
Blazer: H&M
Scarf: Aldo
Jeans: S’fera

Another new favorite are the graphic Tees! No it’s not only for Teens. So many nice ones have turned up in stores, just choose wisely. Just don’t wear anything with something repulsive written, (how you dress is an example for your children). Put on a shrug or cardigan and you look cute šŸ˜‰


These shirts are awesome. Fabric is perfect for warm days, they don’t stick to your body and you can wash em or even iron on them!!!


Louboutin love

I ordered these shirts online. Check out their page on;

My must have anytime even on the worst dressed days are a good pair of shoes! I can never have enough shoes. My new rule of thumb is buy less, buy good.


Saw these in Bali ā¤

One investment every girl should make, BAG! Buy a nice bag, (practical cos your kid will ALWAYS need something or the other).Ā  Bags can make you look chic, edgy, smart all in one depending on your choice. You can carry a classic look with leather, or the neon/color block ones to look edgy.

Just be comfortable with whatever you carry.

Overall, in my opinion you can wear a perfect outfit but if you are wearing bad shoes I am sorry we can’t be friends.

Next post is Saturday šŸ˜‰

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