Sorting Saturday

I just don’t get it. On weekdays I am able to run a million errands, but when the weekend comes, I can’t even get a single errand done as planned!! Is it just me?

So when the weekend comes and I am all determined that I will reinforce Chips school activities at home, something or the other comes in the way. So I decided to do the activities on weekdays but post them on weekends, since that is just how my brain is working at the moment.

Over the week, we did some simple activities that were easy and didn’t require a lot for me to set up.

First activity we did was tong using. This activity helps with motor skills. I filled cotton balls in one bowl and asked him to pick one cotton at a time using a tong and shift into the other. He loved this activity and wasn’t fed up at all!

Ask the child to count the cotton balls too in order to help him remember numbers.

The next day we did color sorting. I got these colorful lollipop sticks from the dollar store (can find at any art store too) and asked Chip to sort the sticks according to the colors. To improve motor skills I asked him to try and arrange them in a straight line. I think next time I will try making a pattern and ask him to continue the pattern himself.

He tried his best to align them in a straight order

Sometimes I wonder how amazing it is how fast kids learn things. Makes you realize that each and every action we do, the way we speak, the way we react to a situation in its own way is teaching our kids how they will be in the future.

Parenthood. Tricky!

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