Sunday Delayed.


What a way to start the week. Have been so occupied with my university things and organizing details I completely forgot I haven’t posted Sundays post! Here it is…

Since autumn is right around the corner (not our corner, we only have summer), I decided to do an activity related to the seasons. For autumn I concentrated on colors such as red, yellow and orange and of course trees.

I wanted to use home made paints, especially the edible versions I saw on Pinterest. Couldn’t find any edible ones that included materials I already had at home so tried the easiest one I found.

In my haste to start the activity I followed a recipe that was actually for doodle painting, where you could put the paint in a squeeze bottle and have the toddlers paint, leaving a shiny, puffy picture behind. I still went on using it as a finger paint, even though both of us didn’t enjoy the rough texture so much. (Maybe I needed to mix it a bit more).

The recipe was simple, we only needed water, salt, flour and of course food coloring. You can check out the whole details here:

Getting Crafty with Nicole ~ Homemade Doodle Paint

I did love how the colors turned out, the puffy look and of course the shine! Chip was being all snotty and making faces at the texture hence only painted for a while. So I simply improved his picture by adding some of my own touches. 😉


I will make this again for sure, however will use it in squeeze bottles. Till then I am just going to get up my bum, go to the store and buy good old fashion paint, so that I don’t have to hear Chip saying, “eeewwww” every time he dipped his fingers in paint.

Not to give up on the activity being a waste, I changed the topic into rough and smooth. I found old paints laying somewhere so I started asking him to tell me the colors of each one I point to and make him touch it and ask if it was rough or smooth.

At the end I just handed him a paint brush and let him create a mess as much as he wanted.



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