Worst Thoughts Revelaed!

For today I was initially going to write about all the wonderful apps I recently found that are related to Chips on going activities at school.

However, as my usual time pass I was going through some blogs, searching for activities I can do , I came across a post that was outright scary. Why? Because it felt like someone had entered my thoughts and published it for everyone to read.

You might have noticed how in my previous posts I jokingly mention about mama Hulk coming out. Well in reality it does come out.

it just felt wrong to mention it here. Yes I am human but to actually say it out loud and then have everyone read it freaked me out. But Alissa (the blogger), she wrote the post so well, and made me feel so “normal” I actually got goosebumps.

My life is one full of juggling family, university, socializing and of course Chip. We all have our share of crap and each person is trying to live their lives as peacefully as possible. But sometimes you are just tired, exhausted and on the verge of giving up. Since we can’t give up, I in person yell. Sometimes alone in the shower, sometimes at the computer for hanging on me or sometimes; gulp, at Chip.

To see if I am not the only one out there I posted the link on my Facebook page. To my surprise it felt like everyone was feeling the same way, just afraid to say it. And not just mothers, someone relaized she never noticed she was bullying her nieces and nephews.

You MUST check out the post. I am hooked to her blog, even though I feel shes writing my worst nightmares and incidents publicly or maybe she has cameras in my house and writes each post about me. :S


She writes things we need to hear and say but don’t.



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