Tasteless Thursday

Even before this week ends I am going to call it a sad week. Especially when Thursdays, (my special day out) don’t include good food. Like today.

Back home we were never out of places to dine out to, be it weekdays or weekends. We could indulge at Paul’s for a rich breakfast, Yildizlar for good Lebanese or Il Castilo for one hell of a calzone!

But here we are always in a rut. Yes, there are some amazing places here, but the sad part is lack of consistency in maintaining the quality of food or tastes.

Nonetheless, let’s talk about some of my all time favorite places to go;

1. Ginsoy ; extreme Chinese. This is one place that knows how to cook delicious Chinese cuisine. Have it delivered or dine in, it has never let me down!

2. Fatburger: Finally a good place that serves delicious beef burgers, BUT I still have gone in on some days saddened to find a cold burger served or a crumbly burger bun. Why do i keep returning? Cos every time I send in my complaint, they reply in the humblest manner and fix their faults. Apart from that they have the THE BEST vanilla milkshake EVER!!!

3. Pane and Amore: It’s a cute around the shop bakery that serves the most mouth watering cupcakes ALWAYS! A must visit.

So those are my favorite places and I do visit them almost every week or two. (See the limited choices?)

What I crave right now is a good pizza place where I can dine in and enjoy a cheesy oozing slice of pizza and chilled Coca-Cola ( yes, I am a Coca-Cola girl!)

What’s your favorite place?



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