Back in action!

Hello my long missed friends.

I am so happy to be back and I am so sorry it took me so long to be back to normal.

Well my going MIA was rather intentional. So much was going all so much at once I had to prioritize.

First I was swamped with exams and assignments. With that I had to ensure Chip wasn’t being ignored (but I did ignore you guys).

Second a family member had undergone surgery. So a lot of attention was needed there.

Lastly, I was in and out of town. A LOT.

During my “vacation” I had a lot to think about the blog. Initially I had started this to come here and share my experiences as a mother and share what might be common feelings new moms go through.

Somewhere along the way, responding to suggestions suddenly the blog started feeling like a chore. Like I needed to write about something “valuable”. Not just babble. But I like to babble. Especially about my life. My obsessions and what not.

I do like how some of the days are dedicated to specific topics. But I feel I will return to some of my babbling.

Welcome back to a mother babbling about her life with a toddler.


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