The past week I realized how much we depend on internet these days. My net went down after my previous post and the feeling of being handicapped was overwhelming. 

I was unable to stay in touch with my family, nor could I study! I was furious beyond belief of how dependent I was to technology.

This week has been a downward spiral throughout. It seemed like everything bad was happening to me. 

First I had requested a small job at a local magazine. Maybe I can take a small step towards actually doing something with my life. Alas, I was left with no reply whatsoever. 😥

Secondly, my dear friend lost her mother who lost the battle with cancer. The pain of seeing her lose someone so close was heart breaking. Prayers for her will be much appreciated.

Apart from that I have been very good with my studies, and especially with entertaining Chip and myself. I have some really fun posts planned for the coming days. 

Lets get this party started! 


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