Friday, Saturday oh boy Sunday!

I know, I know! I missed my much awaited Fashion Friday!

Fridays all going to be about fashion for kiddos, mommies with minimal time to get and ready yet look stunning! πŸ˜‰

So since I missed Friday, lets make it up for it today.

On my trip to Jakarta, I wanted to enjoy as much as possible while looking smart. With a toddler I found the best accessory and my new “must have” in my wardrobe is a blazer! You are in a rush to go out, wear a tank, jeans put on a smart blazer a scarf around the neck if its a bit breezy, you will look ready as ever in no time!


Top: Gift from my sister
Blazer: H&M
Scarf: Aldo
Jeans: S’fera

Another new favorite are the graphic Tees! No it’s not only for Teens. So many nice ones have turned up in stores, just choose wisely. Just don’t wear anything with something repulsive written, (how you dress is an example for your children). Put on a shrug or cardigan and you look cute πŸ˜‰


These shirts are awesome. Fabric is perfect for warm days, they don’t stick to your body and you can wash em or even iron on them!!!


Louboutin love

I ordered these shirts online. Check out their page on;

My must have anytime even on the worst dressed days are a good pair of shoes! I can never have enough shoes. My new rule of thumb is buy less, buy good.


Saw these in Bali ❀

One investment every girl should make, BAG! Buy a nice bag, (practical cos your kid will ALWAYS need something or the other).Β  Bags can make you look chic, edgy, smart all in one depending on your choice. You can carry a classic look with leather, or the neon/color block ones to look edgy.

Just be comfortable with whatever you carry.

Overall, in my opinion you can wear a perfect outfit but if you are wearing bad shoes I am sorry we can’t be friends.

Next post is Saturday πŸ˜‰

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Family Night Out

Oh food lovers, I dedicate tempting Thursdays to you.

Mr and I love trying new restaurants/cafes as soon as they open. In fact even when planning our trips we search which restaurants are closest to our hotel and plan accordingly.

I am all for different cuisines and tempted by daring dishes, whereas Mr plays it a bit safe, sticking only to cuisines he knows. And if its a dessert place then you will find us standing outside with a spoon and a sweet tooth ready! And we take Chip along, ALWAYS.

One reason Chip tags along is because this is how he’ll learn that family time is important. Its our special day. We might take him on swings, rides, his favorite burger place, but wherever we go he shall join. Moreover, I feel this is one way he can learn manners in public, at the same time value our company. I still remember looking forward to nights out with my family, in fact I still crave them.

Well for a tempting treat today I baked my all time favorite cookies!

Double chocolate chunk cookies or as it said online, brownie cookies. I add dark chocolate chunks to make them more gooey and fudgy! Slurp!

What you will need.


Decadent cookies with ice cold coffee. Of course a cold glass of milk for Chip πŸ™‚

They are perfect every time, fast to make and oh so chocolaty!! You must must must MUST make these!

You can get the recipe from here.

Feel free to make your own variations. Do let me know how they turn out.

P.S. Hang in there, weekends just around the corner πŸ˜€


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Me, Myself and I


As my return to blogging and a more organized mind set I decided to organize my posts to certain days for certain topics. For example, Wednesdays will now be Wisdom Wednesdays. On this day I will share a quote, a book or an app I feel I found helpful for Chip or myself. ( This blog can’t be all about him now can it πŸ˜‰ )

Well for this month Chips class theme is “MYSELF”. I am adoring this theme since Chip is being taught how to appreciate himself as a human, be able to talk about his body parts, eyes, nose, lips, etc, but most importantly be able to talk about what he likes best about himself.

I wish I had something like that growing up. At this stage it might seem like he’s simply learning his body parts, but I feel he is learning something deeper. They are teaching him to be confident and proud for being the way he is.

At least he won’t be all over the place like meΒ  someone I know.

*Oh, I wanna be a journalist. No a photographer. WAIT. PHOTOJOURNALISM. But I love baking. I love cookies, I wanna be a baker. No I want to OWN a bakery! GIRL GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF*

So ya when Chip asked mom what do you like about yourself, I had no reply. Ever felt that way?

Anyhoo… so we found this really adorable book which Chip loves reading every night and I love it too cos its quirky and cute and rhymes so well. PLUS at the end it has a mirror where you can stare at yourself and see what you like most about yourself! Chip likes his nose πŸ˜›

Also, one of the lessons in the book was that no one person is same. Each individual is special in their own way, and this is one important lesson I believe every child should learn. Be confident about yourself, don’t judge others, and respect and love everyone just the way they are. πŸ˜‰


Low lighting = BAD picture. “What I like about ME!”


mirror mirror in the book. let me have a quick little look!

So what is it you like most about yourself?

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Lost and Found

Hello all!

Remember me?

I know its been long I was away but honestly, there was no reason except that I was finally “home” and wanted to enjoy each and every moment back. Alas, my journey ended and I have returned to life. Nonetheless, Chip has been really helpful keeping me busy and distracting me from being homesick.

Busy = him hitting his head on a glass table and us running into emergency

Distracting = thinking about ways to keep his buttock seated to avoid anymore injuries (and me fainting at the sight of blood)

Parts of growing up. Scars to remind us who we were as kids.

Soooo…. what happened over the summers and back? Here’s a summary;

*Jakarta/Bali: Sea, Sun and tons of fun


Going for a swim

*Home: Fun time with Mom, Dad,Bro, Sis, new niece Baby L (wanna gobble up that munchkin), and of course my first son, so to say Boy R.

*Dubai: Shopping, food, Shopping, desserts and oh ya SHOPPING! πŸ˜€


Ferrari. Cos boys will be boys




For the love of cupcakes and all things PINK!

Now back home with Chip starting school, (same school, new building) it has been quite a handful of a start. First of all no teacher is qualified enough compared to Ms. Z (oh how I miss thee).

Chip still talks about her. Breaks my heart.

So adjusting to the new building was and still is an emotional strain for us right now. But hopefully Chip will learn lots of new things, while both of us learn and grow, each helping one another in their own way. πŸ™‚



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Fun Food and more Fun!

Hello there!

Boy was our trip to Jakarta long! PHEW! Already fretting about the trip back! :S

Was so exhausted when we landed was irritated by everything, in particular the lack of good tasting food and especially desserts! And boy to people here speak fast. I give lost stares most of the time. Haha.

For my trip this time, I wanted to make sure I enjoyed to the max, while looking super cute :P. My biggest critic, my eldest sister, and my biggest support my twin sister have been my audience to show off that I can look good even with a two year toddler. Kids are no reason to look like your a mess…

I wish I was more confident to put up pictures of myself, but maybe sometime in the future.

So for my trip I packed my much pending reading. For the flight, I chose Moth Smoke, a novel by a Pakistani writer, also now more famous due to the movie The Reluctant Fundamentalist (based on a novel), Mohsin Hamid. I wanted to read one of his books just to get an idea of his writing style, and many suggested this one. So far so good.


Next, I have is Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. Also suggested by a friend. Only reason I am pending it is due to its digital form. I like to HOLD books, FEEL each page. You know get a connection. Also reading for so long on iPads/Kindles strains my eyes.

For Chip I packed a few books too. Want him to have the habit as well. Also threw in some coloring pens and coloring books to let him enjoy on the plane. Through out the trip I am trying to keep his fun and education hand in hand. Asking colors, textures, shapes as such.


Really like the mickey mouse one, since it is about summer vacation and something we can discuss on our trip.

Had an exhausting fun day today, and I think its time I call it a day ,Β OH!!

I am in love with a pair of sunglasses I can’t wait to own, and my new wish is to own a pair of these shoes!!! Any guesses where I was shopping??



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Hot Hot Hot

Last week it was so hot I got super ill. After that I refused to sit without air conditioning! Horrible week that was!

But poor Chip got cranky staying indoors and craved to go outdoors! I only agreed to let him go after sun was a bit down and as long as he was playing with water, so he stayed cool.

So this summer our outdoor activities were simply splish splashing in a baby pool or water fight with his cousins!

After the horrid week we planned our summer trip to Jakarta. Right here now! Hence posting from my cell.

Just had to keep you guys updated.

So what are you doing this summer? Keep posted,more about our trip coming soon. πŸ™‚

Happy Summer y’all!!


splish splashing



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What a Week!

*I dedicate this post to a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Becky Mojalid, from Manarat School. We lost her to cancer two days back. A wonderful teacher, a soulful human being, and a great mother to all her students. We will always have her in our hearts. May she be granted the highest ranks in Paradise. Ameen.*


Last week was such an emotional roller coaster! With deadlines to hand in essays, along with emotional thoughts of Chips school ending, and unhappy with the new school atmosphere, I was a woman with confused reactions.

I was all teary eyed on the last day of Chips school. I loved the teacher, and how she cared for Chip and how he was attached to her. I tired telling him that we won’t be seeing her next year he’d simply yell “NO! I WANT MS. Z ONLY!”

My heart would shatter even more. After visiting his new campus I asked;

“Chip did you like your new school?”

YES! πŸ˜€

And did you like new Ms.?

“NO! Ms.Z will come to the new school!” *heart shattered*

And with all the workload and stress regarding time constraints, I was unable to do anything special for the last day. I had pinned so many ideas for teachers gifts and cookie tutorials, alas I only went with tears in my eyes, and came back with a heartbroken son.

Worst was when we went to the new classroom he’d point at the pink stairs or matching cards and say “Mamma, this is Ms.Z’s and this is hers and this too…..”


Sigh, what worries me most is new classmates. He adores each and every classmate of his. Getting him used to his class again is going to be so hard.

A few memories I will cherish forever. If you have something so wonderful for your sons FIRST moment, it will always be remembered.

I am so grateful for such a wonderful teacher, and the adorable munchkins my kid enjoyed with.


Chip, baby M and baby H, from school at the park


Profession Day at school. Builder Chip


Kiddos yelling “we love you Ms. Z” for us moms to only realize they yelling outside someone elses class!!!!


Germofobe Chip refusing to touch the grass to stand, and asking baby H to help him up. But baby H couldn’t stop giggling! ❀

Along the way Chip learned a lot, but on his journey I learned very valuable lessons too. I hope in the future I will remember them so I don’t repeat the mistakes I made this time. My new rule of thumb for the new city; “Never judge a book by its cover.”





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